Indira is a designer par excellence. Absolutely love all the creations I have purchased from Her. She has a great fashion sense and comes up with creative designs that suit each person’s physique and personality. She works with each of her clients relentlessly to ensure they are satisfied. These creations are my absolute favorites.



Wish to feel feminine, airy and light, see www.IndiraBishen.com for Chikankari Traditional Indian Embroidery Fashions, Tailored by and for True Indian Tastes, and Westerners, in the World Capital of Lucknow! This Chikankari top is the first purchase I have and I have added several items like Chikankari Western dresses as well as an Anarkali for those Special Events! Cultural!



I absolutely love the blush pink chikankari sari. It was so easy to wear, and the material is extremely detailed but also very soft. I received so many compliments about the sari and its design at the event I wore it to, and I’m very excited to wear it again.



Happy to have such an amazing site for Chikankari saree! I just love the collection here because it is trendy and stitching quality is excellent. I got so many compliments when I wore this saree for a wedding.

Samantha Tarry


Wearing pieces from Indira Bishen’s line makes me feel like the star of the show, empowered and confident. The hand embroidery is stunning, and the designs are the perfect mix between boho and classy. I love how many of the Western pieces can easily be dressed up or down, whether it is for a daytime brunch or a glamorous nighttime event.

Krishna Thakrar


Searching for the perfect wedding saree for the mother of the groom can be quite overwhelming, considering the abundance of choices, varying price points, and numerous designers in the market. However, my experience with Indira Bishen has been nothing short of exceptional.

Indira displayed remarkable patience as she attentively listened to my needs and understood the kind of saree I was looking for. Her commitment to finding a saree that would be both stylish and elegant was truly remarkable. The moment I adorned the saree she helped me select, I felt an indescribable sense of beauty and grace as the mother of the groom. It surpassed all my expectations.

I must also mention the impeccable service provided by Indira Bishen. The timely delivery of the clothes added to the overall satisfaction of my experience. In fact, after witnessing the quality and beauty of the saree, I couldn’t resist ordering several more outfits from Indira for the upcoming events I have. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Indira Bishen to anyone in search of exquisite attire.

The price points offered by Indira Bishen were more than fair, considering the exceptional quality and style of her creations. I genuinely appreciate the value I received for my investment.

Indira, you can rest assured that I eagerly look forward to ordering my next ensemble from you. Your commitment to your customers shines through, and I am grateful for the outstanding experience you provided.

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